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Barbecue for Jess Lines. She is now going to Denmark.                                                           



Bronwyn Ellis on her work with University of the Third Age.  Older people have resources, hidden skills and there is every opportunity of service.  
19/01/16 Rotarian John Cagney with the latest on pharmaceuticals and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.   He maintained the imperative of a person- centred approach when dispensing or selling medications.  He brought along a colleague- Arna.  
26/01/16 No meeting as it is Australia Day. Enjoy the barbecues and festivities and remember  the reason  for them.
Rotarian John Holds won an Order of Australia Medal.


02/02/16 Dr Kalpana Goel on Indian culture.  Fabulous presentation that resulting in a very interactive question time. 
09/02/16 Stacey  Depression and Anxiety First Aid.  A fascinating presentation.  Excellent power point. I did not know that depression is the world's most debilitating condition.
16/02/16 Rachel Barlow on the project to obtain beach wheelchairs for the disabled at the Foreshore.  Our Club has offered support.
23/02/16 Rotary has (hidden) talent.  
 Excellent- I didn't know that Keith was keen on ACDC and the Beatles.  Football is a great interest.   Keith and Marilyn lived in many places as he was a bank manager.  Whyalla has become their home. 

MARCH 2016

01/03/2016 Ms Kate Warren on Indigenous Health.  Kate has an excellent track record as a presenter and this presentation will be a "hum dinger."
This was an excellent presentation.   It was interesting that Indigenous child mortality has dropped markedly but the "gap" has not closed much because non-Indigenous children are benefiting more from the latest medical developments.
8/3/2016 Ms Cecilia Mabeza, Rotary Mental Health Scholarship recipient will be presenting. Ian and Bonnie who are also Scholarship recipients along with Lee Martinez will be our guests.  So that's four guests.  The Rotary Club of Whyalla in partnership with the University of South Australia made the Scholarships available.
15/03/2016 Ms Deb Papoulis and Dr Joy Penman -Caring for  your own mental health. Excellent in view of the downturn at Arrium.
22/03/2016 International Food night. Venue- Pavilion.  Was fabulous- Scottish food-haggis is delicious (seriously), Filipino Food, Indian, German, Australian (pavlova).  Drambui.   Brian is welcome to bring the Scottish chocolates anytime.
EASTER- Good Friday March 25th- Sunday March 27th. Catering Van will be at Whyalla Snapper Competition.  Lots of fabulous donuts, hot dogs, drinks, chips.  Volunteers are always welcome and there  is great fellowship and fun. Rotary is focused upon community development,  maternal and child health, literacy, conflict resolution, disease prevention and research all over the World. The funds raised from our fabulous donuts cover all of this in Whyalla and far beyond.  We are much more than just donuts. 
And we did have a fabulous time.  $4250 was raised for Rotary projects near and far.
29/03/2016 No meeting as Catering at the National Snapper Competition is equivalent to a Rotary meeting.

 APRIL 2016

05/04/2016 Ms Bronwyn Chant from Australian Cranio-facial Unit. She traveled from Adelaide to present.  Rotary has been involved for many years.
 12/04/2016  Ms Eva Stengewis on Drug Abuse/Misuse.  Maintained the imperative of early intervention.
 19/04/2016  Ms Jackie Stamoulis on Clinical Hynotherapy.   Neuroplasticity means hope for all.
26/04/2016 The Great Cake Bake-off for Men- champion cakes but "Nigella's" was probably the best. . Plus quiz
28/04/2016 Cocktail Evening at the Whyalla Campus of the University of South Australia for the presentation of the Rotary Mental Health Scholarships.   A media event.  
                                                                    MAY 2016  
03/05/2016 Ms Tandi Makoni on Zimbabwean culture.  The bride's mother is given a cow (father receives nine but the mother's is more important).  Tandi is a nursing student at the Whyalla campus. .
10/05.2016 No meeting as we are out to win the Lions-Rotary Annual Bowling Challenge on the 12th.
12/05/2016 Rotary-Lions Lawn Bowling Challenge at the Golf-Bowling Club.  Finish game and thrash the Armada. And we did.  Michele and Keith did especially well.
17/05/2016 Dr Andrew Melville-Smith on veterinary services. Caring for pets and wildlife.It was an interesting way of doing it. Humans are part of the solution.
24/05/2016 Orchid growing with Rotarian Brian Moodie. The orchids were beautiful. Mine are missing out but are tough. Brian's instructions are in Bulletin dated May 31st.
31/05/2016 Rotary Club Assembly. Bring your ideas on "getting em in". People don't know what there are "missin".
People brought in their ideas-new menu at Rotary van happening.
                                                                  JUNE 2016  
07/06/2016 Sister Anne Higgins and Sister Elizabeth Young on Refugee well-being. Refugees and migrants have contributed and continue to contribute immensely to Australian communities.
14/06/2016  Dr Janet Sawyer on meditation.  Figured out how to breathe through one nostril without closing the other.  It was very relaxing.
21/06/2016  Shivvaan Salvisalam with the latest on engineering. Shivvaan is a very innovative scientist and his inventions are exciting.  It will be hands on.  
25/06/2016 Change Over Luncheon, 12.30pm at Mirambeena Motel, Essington Lewis Ave.  We welcome Rotarian Mark Whitfield as President for 2016-2017.  Kerre enjoyed her role as President in 2015-2016.  Good morning Mark. Good evening Kerre (with apologies to an ancient Viennese newspaper).  Watch this space.  



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