141104Guest Speaker Leing Reupara
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141104Guest Speaker  Leing Reupara

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Guest Speaker - Leing (pronounced Lane) Reupana - a PNG perspective. Leing goes to Samaritan College and moved to Australia at the age of 8 and has been here for 10 years in such places as Mt Neuman and Parabadoo due to her fatherís work as an engineer. PNG is 160km North of Australia, has 800 or so languages, dense jungle and mountains, and has much gold and copper that companies such as BHP dig out. Leing said she feels hopeless at the thought of trying to help her people. 40 % live below the poverty line, which amounts to 2.4 million people.PNG does get aid from the world - $1billion, but where does it go? In her opinion corruption among politicians is rife, and anyone speaking up is killed. Some of the politicians are living the lifestyle of kings.Hospitals have insufficient beds and children can be seen in the street selling trinkets to survive and the potholes just get bigger. Leingís dad is from the highlands. Mum is from Bouganville, and when the troubles there started, her house was the first burned down, and they had to flee to the bush. Port Moresby and Lau seem to be improving slightly as far as infrastructure. There are three families from PNG in Whyalla. Leing wants to study Law in the future.

Item Code: 4 Nov 2014

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