150512 Guest Speaker Tracey Paterson
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150512 Guest Speaker Tracey Paterson

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GUEST SPEAKER Vocational Visit with Tracey Patterson This week we took some finger food and headed off to the UniSA Campus to do our tour of duty at the Nursing Training Facility. This was rather fitting as it was International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale’s Birthday. Nurses receive many accolades and regularly win awards as being the most ethical of professions. We then engaged in a simulation of a hospital ward. A few Rotarians are or were former nurses and there was quite a bit of reminiscing about incidents. Kerre spoke about the Crown Princess Charlotte her midwifery tutor was at the birth in 1817!!!.Tracey Paterson engaged us all in a life-like shift. We did the hand washing, infection control, talked to the patients to gain their cooperation and consent, took pulses and auscultated chests. Miraculously the patients survived. The interactions of students with these patients are filmed and recorded so that students can review the situation and practice. We then met SIM Man who is reckoned to cost over $100,000. For those that weren't there, his brain is a mini computer and is located in his lower abdomen, but he has a life like integumentary system, scars, zips, problematic lungs and blinks occasionally. SIM Man is central to the scenario-based learning of teams of medical students and nurses in Whyalla where he can begin to deteriorate or "spit the dummy". He has a pulse, can receive injections and a cannula as well as perform several other bodily functions. Debriefing sessions occur at the conclusion of the simulated scenarios where the staff talk over what went well and what they would do differently. SIM man provides a high quality learning experience and there is a fight to keep him in Whyalla as a number of teaching facilities in the Adelaide metro area have designs on him.

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